Needle roller Needle board
          Top pin curtain
          Various model of veleot bar
          Steel needle
          Hairbrush for conbing

Found in 1975,YongKang Lida Textile Equipment Co.,Ltd.has long manufacturing hiatory & rict manufacturing experience. Now the con-party has passed the ISO9001-20001nternationat Ouality manage ment System certification,We are a famous textile equipment enterprise in Chian.
Our company specializes in the manufacturing of vatious imported & Chinese plastic,woos,aluminum alloy curtain parts,steel plastic roller,wood roller, wood aluminum card,wire board strainer, fine hair belt,fine hair stick,fine hair board,comber hairbrush,steel wire hair brush,small hair brush,various textile brush and nylon bobbins.
There aer different appplication fields and appplication conditions,with several years' experiences and quality products,Lida can be a reliable partner oc your company
Spinning method is the most important thing to textile. To meet the increasing requirements and keep our competition,we have to improve our production met-hod continuously.
In past years,as the leader of textile equipment Lida always worked with our customers closely and followed the yarn production trendy?Open to our custom- er"hasbecome the cooperation base between Lida and other machinery factories.
Our success depends on supplying qualified quality,Only quality product can get the from customers,Quality product and effciency activity are Lida's philosophy.

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